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a graffiti can that sprays paint would be legendary

  • spraying some gang tags or just indecent text or real art works if the mod would be incredible

  • Agree

  • "I want you to hit everything in site. I want everybody to know that The Warriors were there.". ~Cleon, The Warriors (1979)

  • @krashadam love the movie and played the game too , nice

  • Well, i'm guessing here that a good place to start with would be to look at how the spray-painting and application of the sprayed tags was done in GTA:SA - and look how the graffiti that is present in GTA V & IV was applied (since IV & V use the same core underpinnings, where SA, LC, and GTA III used a Renderware middlewere - so there are probably differences).

    So, over and above the application - there's also a question of how you replicate the doing/action. If it's just say tagging with a crew logo, then it should be possible to read the logo data and create a progressive animated-gif style animated build-up to overlay on target, and then by some means, make static by (again depending on the methods required according to how structure decoration is handled in-engine) applying a fixed copy as decor of the full logo. However, without consideration of how decor is properly applied in-engine (i.e. texture handling) it will look flat rather than look like paint on a textured surface.

    So whoever tries this will have some work to do, but it's 'doable'. Probably the easier sub-use would the other half of the GTA:SA can use, as a weapon, which could reuse TG/BZ effects where the spray cloud is achieved by natives in the way you'd create an explosion or shoot-at using BZ/TG as the ammo targeted at the victims head. For real effect, you'd really want the colour of the spray to be changing each use, or change each time you replenish the can.

    Aside from the spray colour changes, the weaponised effect would be the easier part by far. I used a similar effect as part of a vehicle anti-hacking mod where locked vehicled that were projected, gassed the hapless thief - the 'burn their ass off' invisible fire effect was a random deterrent to create the skin/lung irritation of effect of mustard gas or similar, which is also (on a lesser scale) a soft tissue/lung effect of being blasted in the head by a concentrated cloud of atomised solvents and paint.

  • @3l_d3v10u5 Is easier just create add-on props planes (and can be a collection of different textures) with the graffiti texture with alpha channel, attach to the surface's normal where is used the spray and play with its alpha value to make it appears (a DB can be created to load already done graffitis) . The spray-can can be a prop with some player animations and a coloured smoke effect. The only complex part, is to create an attach grafitti system to center automatically the prop center to the wall and not allow the painting until the player is in a centered position in front of the wall, that can be checked with some raycasts (I could do this but no free time now).

  • @Rarefacer That would be the best way I believe, just one prop model, very little memory consumed. I've tried this idea using decals but I now realize that the decal limit is probably too small. Furthermore there seems to be a limit to how many decals you can draw at once... this is the quickest I was able to get it (using Yield() after every draw) - mind you, the image is just 50x50, so imagine how slow bigger images would be :frowning2:

    Each pixel is one decal... definitely not the best way to go about it :laughing:
    If there's a way to remove or extend the decal limit, and make the draws faster, this would be the easiest method, since it reads images from the scripts folder, no need to install anything else but the script.

    Edit: Made it much faster now! Sadly the decal limit won't allow much more than this (80x80 pixels), and I have no idea how to get around that. @Unknown-Modder is the first to come to mind about stuff like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


    Or @dexyfex ?

  • @stillhere I love it !

  • @stillhere Is there a way you could add the spray can and upload the mod ?

  • @stillhere Nice idea, Unknow modder and Camxxcore can break the hard-coded GTA V scripting injecting new code lines, sure they can increase the decal bounds if you need (but maybe is directly from shader and in that case could be a bit more complex increase the decal texture resolution) and maybe change the drawing path to emulate the painting, (that could be a drawning root matrix with maths). One day (not so far) rage shaders will be totally editable and that wil to expands all possibilities too for lots of visual mods.

  • @i_still_chill There's still other stuff I want to add before uploading. In-game image selection, size and rotation selection, etc. Right now, only one small image (80x80 pixels) can be drawn at once due to the decal limit but if you're okay with that then I can share it here once I add more features.
    Anyway, Rarefacer's idea is much better for a Graffiti mod, since it can potentially allow you to draw as much graffiti props as your GPU ram will allow.

    @Rarefacer I hope that day comes soon. I will ask around about this decal limit. But I think you should work on your add-on props method too since it has less limitations!

  • @stillhere Oh, okay, cool!

  • i fake graffitti in places where its lacking using menyoo spooner and ill line up the art work or object with an image on it and get to where its almost lined up if you put sensitivity down to 0.001 moving it some objects take on like a translucency. but theres a big lack of objects with graffitti on them and those are two of the coolest videos of gta v ive ever seen wow

  • @stillhere How's it coming along? I'm excited about this !

  • @i_still_chill I've asked Unknown_Modder and CamxxCore for help on removing the decal limit. They are busy and the script isn't ready anyways but once I'm done with that I plan to contact them again.

  • I was just thinking about that right now

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