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Support on mods?

  • My junk unpublished mods are showing up in google searches and i have requested several times to admins for them to be deleted with no response at all. Why can't the user delete their own mods?


    But they are deleted?

    Seems like it's just Google caching them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ikt No their not deleted, if they were they wouldn't still show up on my uploads page. Its probably the admins not deleting the temp cache and the cache is still on the servers.
    You can see by my old recent comment which i deleted that its still there. There is either a setting for the servers cache temps that the admins are in control of or the servers are set this way for data.


    At this time, I am waiting a few months before deleting mods that mod authors have deleted. Since I took over back in June I have had several mod authors send me messages saying they've accidentally done it and want their file(s) restored or that they made a mistake in deleting them. So consider these three months a "grace period".

    However, if you logout of your account and try and view a deleted file you will not be able to see anything on the file page, only an error saying "Sorry, this file is no longer available.". The only two people who can see the contents of a deleted file are me and the original author of the file. After three months, I shall remove the files completely.

  • @Dark0ne sounds good!

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