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[SOLVED] skin ped addons problem game crashes

  • here is my problem in steps do clear every question.

    • yes, I have all requirements for using the addon spawner
    • I've already installed 20 add on peds (some of them even replace skins where i just changed the name, jsut to make it clear)
    • everything works fine, even with an add on for the spawner where i can spawn add on with different roles aka enemy ally etc.

    Now my problem:
    • Today i tried to add some new skins and the game always crashed at the loading screen after choosing "story mode"

    What i did to solve the problem:
    • remove the new added skins (obviously it worked then)
    • try multiple different skins from the website
    • then i removed a skin i already had restarted the programs (OpenIV,Addonped editor) and installed the ped again that I used to have from the beginning - I did this to check if this crash comes with every new added skin or just the ones i tried. - it didn't crash, which is strange because i tried like 10+ complete different from different uploader skins and none of them works, its like the only ones that works are the ones i had.
    • at last i verified the files through steam and it downloaded 8.2GB of files (damn :dark_sunglasses: ) (one side note: did it just downloaded the new update cuz if i am not mistaken i had downgraded the game once)
    •however after verifying the files i pretty much tried the first methods again and it still crashes if i add any new skin

    currently there are 24 skins that works and yesterday i've just added like 4 of them so this problem happened all of a sudden.

    PS: the game doesn't crash if I add new cars or anything like that just for peds

    thanks in advance for every reply

  • Nevermind i fixed it the limit of addons are 25 i found a gameconfig for that and now its unlimited, since i can't share links here just search for "More Add-On Cars & Peds"

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