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Custom Weapon Icons

  • Is there any way to install an assortment of custom weapon icons for weapon texture replacers?

    Apparently the icons are all grouped as one single .jpg (weapons_all.jpg) and custom icons cannot be added on a modular basis. I think the icon layout would have to be photoshopped and replace the old file of the same name to get what combinations of icons I would need. I cannot Photoshop, however.

    For instance, take this icon pack: https://www.gta5-mod...eapon-icon-pack

    Could someone make me a loadout of these icons (the ones I am / will be using in my game)? A few of the custom weapons I am interested in (Browning Hi Power, Makarov PM, SVD, Super Shorty) do not have custom icons available anywhere I looked. Can anyone with knowledge of the subject also make custom icons for them in addition to a custom icon loadout for me?

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