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Nothing I Do Works for Addon mods

  • So I've looked up guides for add-on mods and nothing I do seems to work. I can replace just fine, but when I do any sort of add-on it doesn't work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My trainers won't even load the damn add-on cars or peds. they say "invalid model". And I'm not even sure if I installed right because most of the add-on guides are total crap or do a poor job of explaining them (yes even here)

    Come on, somebody please help me.



    Does your game crash upon loading when using an Add-On vehicle?
    Or are you still getting 'invalid model' error when trying to spawn it?

    Then use Gameconfig.xml 2.0 by Dilapidated »
    or (older game versions) Willief23 & MAESTRE's Gameconfig »

  • Just invalid model when I try to load it with the trainer. it's not crashing at all actually.

    And actually with peds, it just sets my character back to their default outfit of my current story character rather than changing them into the selected ped. Oh and also, the ped models I'm using edit the gameconfig file as well for some reason. When I attempt to spawn them as a bodyguard or ped, nothing happens. What do I do?

    before you ask, I'm using this and his Niko and Luis mods.
    These add-ons edit the gameconfig but they don't state how or why.
    As for the car mod I'm trying to install as an add-on, it's a combination of these two:

    The replacer route would work but at the same time, I kinda want to keep the vanilla cars. Before you ask, I did make the proper.meta files. (except handling, which I instead linked in vehicles.meta to existing vehicles' handling since these are retextures of certain ones.)

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