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'LameStream' Mods aren't the only ones worth supporting...

  • Just some thoughts on the 'lame stream' attitude to 'worthy' mods, the kind people jump all over themselves to applaud and support and otherwise inflate the developer's ego to incredibly impossible proportions...

    It's worth remembering, that since modding has never been a mainstream activity amongst gamers and subsequently the development of mods was an even less mainstream element of gaming, that what is essentially generic common rubber-stamp and jelly mould mods aren't really bringing anything to the party. It's the stuff that's inspired, possibly bordering on crazy darkness of mind inspired stuff that really tries to rewrite the perceived limits of the RAGE engine/middleware and really add what's fundamentally sorely lacking (and let's face it, for all the good stuff in GTA V, they definately dropped the ingenuity ball at T2I and rushed to make it a cash cow rather than be amazingly ingenious and worthy of wanting to invest Shark Card money to indulge in stuff that's not merely cosmetic unless a mission deems it worthy of use).

    So please spare a thought for the minority of prolific and infrequent developers who actually try to be ingenious and creative and stretch the limits in both gaming and development/coding/design terms.

    Quite frankly, any two-brain celled moron can churn out 'just another generic trainer/mod menu' featuring all the usual suspect features, so if you consider yourself to potentially or actually using more than two brain-cells, do something that reflects both your ingenuity and what you would like to see/have.

    Pandering to the masses and their 'oh hell, that's so geeky it's stupid' attitude to some of the best stuff ever posted, that's not being inventive or anything worthy of credit - that's just being part of the 'lame stream' morass and toxic water of the overcrowded goldfish bowl of mediocrity.

    credits RJ for the clever use of 'lame stream' to describe the brain-death established swamp

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