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Flying Cars in GTA

  • Guys, what do you think about flying cars' mode in GTA?
    I've recently seen that it's already real today.
    Check this thing out:

    Can we import this thing in GTA, how do you think?

  • Something like this would be very cool, if possible.

    If someone finds a way, the guy who did the BTTF II DeLorean can implement it too.

    Really, what we need is a way to seamlessly swap a vehicle without the player noticing. If the models are the same, then it could be possible. It was done in the BTTF mod on Vice City. I imagine that is how they got the DeLorean to be able to switch between driving and flying mode.

  • flying cars are easy. i think people are busy with other mods for now. they will get made eventually.

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