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All reshade mods = bad Anti Aliasing!

  • Its very simple to what causes this. With my vanilla shades i turn my in game display brightness up to about 90%. It looks way more natural than any reshades. It reduces AA static too. Fact in the middle of the day in real life go outside and notice how bright it is. I tried natual v and visual v. I couldn't even stand how dark they are creating really bad AA.

    I uninstalled them because i tried turning up my brightness all the way and they were still way too dark. My monitor is set to defaults for compatability for the internet, pictures, apps, games etc. I have a viewsonic g sync. My monitors brightness and contrast is set medium high, it has a very good quality. I do use reshades on some of my games if i could get reshade 3.0 to work on gta i would use it only to try to make the vehicles other painted side less dark.

    I think maybe i can't get it to work because of my UI mods drivers somehow get an error. I use texture hunting drivers on my other games and the reshades still work. Maybe if i set the in game settings to dx 10. I really am happy with the default shades never the less! This is a suggestion for the Reshade modders.

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