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Help a noob out, just installed first mod.

  • So I just got the game couple days ago. I found a youtube video

    that gave a step by step on how to install mods for a noob like me. So I followed all the instructions, and paused the video after installing the scripthookv and all the other stuff on the video. I opened GTAV and pressed f4 and screen popped up and i spawned a vehicle, a helicopter and messed around for 3 mins just to make sure i loaded the basic files first. So everything was good at this point.

    So reason i wanted to mod the game was for the cars. So i found the file the guy in the video was using for the firebird. I did everything, step by step as the video says. So once he said, I installed my first mod and open GTAV and spawn the vehicle like he did in the video. I clicked on the GTAV to play the game, It loaded up in windowed mode (not full screen) and then I clicked on story mode...and it took me to the loading story mode screen and then a "windows error" box popped up and will not load the game.

    Can i reverse the process he told me to do for the car add on and do you think it will work? What should i try next? Sorry I'm a noob at this.

  • @CodeB4U Check my tutorial to learn how to install mods properly. See here.

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