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Scaling car models in Zmodeler for GTA V

  • Hello, I have been thinking if there is a way to scale car models in a realistic manner. What do you use to compere? Also if you happen to know it, how do I copy the first lod L0 and use it for the other lods?

  • @T3mas1 for the first use scale fonction but you'll probably have to edit the uv mapping too.
    For lod. Copy the mesh with state L0 and duplicate it, then remove is state and set it for L1

  • If i correctly remember something Gta5Korn said a while ago, it was about finding the real dimensions of the car on wikipedia or something and then doing the conversion on zmodeler to millimeter (for exemple 510cm/5m10=5100mm), if it something else well i don't know.

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