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Big framerate killer is marked as featured mod

  • @administrators I downloaded the Online Interiors mod on it's initial release and looked at the code. It executes everything in huge Tick event handlers with no interval set. This is a framerate killer and makes the game unstable! It's not the first time I see people having problems because of this mod. I told the author about this issue quite a while back but he doesn't care to fix it (or doesn't know how). I told him again today but I doubt it will motivate him. I would be thankful if you remove the "Featured" tag. It's also for this site's reputation.

  • @Cyron43 (please) keep warning us users for OnTick scripts and the likes :love_letter:

    Not everyone is informed enough with knowledge to investigate it themselves.

    I myself have quite a few scripts active that I probably shouldn't...


    @Cyron43 notified. Thank you for looking into this.

  • @DarthPungz Thank you. This worked well out. He replied and promised to wok on it and since he admitted he is a beginner, I gave him some tips.

    "Thanks for the reply. As you are still learning, here's a tip: Only put those things in a per-frame-tick eventhandler (no interval set) which really need to be updated each frame. Use a separate script class for this. Every other functionality which needs to be updated dynamically is to be placed in tick eventhandlers with an appropriate tick interval. Let's take the spawning distance for example. Maybe you remember I suggested to NOT always have all the props and interiors spawned at all time due to memory bloating. Query the player's distance to your objects and only spawn those in vicinity. An interval between 250 and 500 ms is sufficient for this purpose (run tests to see what's the best choice).
    Other than that I highly recommend you learn about structured programming. Just for a start, what classes and methods are supposed to be good for (catchwords: maintainability, extensibility). Please don't be frustrated. We all have been beginners at one point in time. :slight_smile:"

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