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I would like to convert new Rides to Del Perro Pier. Can somebody help me with it?

  • Hi !
    In the last few Weeks i've started with remodeling the Del Pierro Pier and also the existing Rides.
    The Ferris Whale is now called "Feuer Ball"
    The Leviathan is now called "Das Inferno"

    I've changed the Music which plays there and i also edited the the male and the female Pier Announcers. Now it sounds like a German Funfair..

    Now i've been thinking about adding some new Rides. My goal is not necessarily to make them rideable by myself. It would be enough if they just moved a little.

    I've been looking for something like this for a while and i've found some cool Rides @ http://kirmes-rides.net/download-base/

    For Example One of them:

    Break Dance No. 3

    Now my Question(s):
    Is there a Way to convert this into a format which zmodeler can read?
    If not, in what Format schould it ideally be to convert to GTA5?

    Does anyone know this by chance and can give me some Tipps??

    Greetz Remy ;)

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