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  • Hello all! If this has been asked before, please just reply with the link. Anyways, how do I update GTA 5? I need to update to get the Patchday10ng folder.
    I have patchday9ng.. they said online to update the game and you will get patchday10.. But I don't know how to update.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @malott72 Simple, get/buy a legit copy of GTA V, stay sure you're connected to internet, enter in your game (Steam or retail) and automatically the game download and install its updates. You have a very old version if you still in patchday9ng.

  • Awesome! Also, When I update, will I have to re-install all my custom cars and mods?

  • @malott72 Yes for the cars. For script mods, that depends. Some will still work some not. Either way look if those mods were updated.

  • Sounds easy enough. I bought a legit copy a couple days ago. I plan on doing the install today. I'll definitely be back if I have any questions.

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