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Need Help with Zmodeler3 (afterburner/exhaust/ reactors)

  • Hi friends !
    I have a little question about zmodeler .. I have a jet with 4 reactors and only 3 work with the script..
    I' copy the afterburner Dummy but the effect does int show in game .. is there an option in zmodeler3 for jet reactor effects ?

    thank you people

  • From what I can tell there are 2 settings - purple like the lazor or an orange thruster effect, can't remember which one is which but varied between thruster and thruster_2 I think, that's what I found out with my quinjet journey anyways.

    Sorry, just reread your post - GTA as default only allows one 'afterburner/thruster' effect and with the help of a script you can have more - I'm putting it down to the script you're using to why 3 out of the 4 show.

    Maybe the script only allows 3? :)

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