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Cars you would like to see remade?

  • So a while back R* released a bunch of these redone cars from the 3d era for 5, cars like the classic Stinger, Cheetah, Infernus, and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.

    I think there are a few cars deserving of the same treatment if not more so. I'm going to focus on mostly muscle cars and vintage sedans, since after the Super and Sports cars, those are probably the cars R* are most likely to add.

    1. Classic Windsor from SA - Put this at the top of the list because it's the most likely out of all of them to actually happen, and it would be a nice ride. It was a nicely quick and snappy car with some classy looks, and really that's all I need or want.
    2. Hustler - Pretty nice in a straight line, not good on corners, but did some neat drifts when you tried, and again, prime vintage looks. I'd think it be a nice 2-door counterpart for the Roosevelt.
    3. Broadway - I have no good reason for listing this. It was slow, turning was shit, and it had a rare tendency to flip over. I just sort of think of the car and what it's based on, and say "It would look so cool though". And it would.
    4. Clover - Despite it looking pretty dirty and crappy most of the time, I always had a liking for it. Didn't handle to bad, was somewhat fast, and was small compared to other muscle cars. It was a mistake to make them a permanent hoopty in SA.
    5. Oceanic - Again, not much reason; other than we have a sedan/coupe from the 50s in the form of the Tornado, so why not the 60s? That and old American cars are my life essence.

    Any cars you think deserve the HD treatment?

  • @ThePurpleFucker just to add to the list, here are a few more that would be cool to see:

    • the sentinel classic, the one from gta 3 (e30 M3) or from gta iv (e46 M3)
    • supergt from gta iv or gta sa
    • Banshee classic from Gta sa or gta 3 (gen 1 dodge viper)
    • sultan classic from gta sa
    • Uranus from gta sa or gta iv

  • (GTA 3D) Hermes, SA Tornado, Oceanic, Moonbeam (again, GTA 3D), SA Merit, SA Fortune, SA Savanna, the car used for the pimping missions (can't remember the name of it.), the car used as a cop car in Vice City (plus it's police and taxi variant), the cop car and taxi from GTA 3, the VCS Polaris, the GTA 3 Kuruma, the GTA 3 Bobcat, and Bobcat Xl, as well as the GTA 3 Blista (not the Blista Compact, the Blista minivan from GTA 3.) Oh, and the Cabbie (GTA 3D) and the GTA SA Elegant.



    1. IV Feltzer. The V Feltzer with the DTM body kit is just strange to see driving around with normal traffic.
    2. IV Hakumai! Something akin to the Blista Compact with good FF performance.
    3. Presidente, especially the TBOGT police one.

    That said, IVPack brings most of my IV needs to V :p

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