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How the heck do you spawn the carrier?

  • I haven't Gta in like a year or so and I remember being able to spawn the aircraft carrier from Menyoo. Now whenever I try to do so Menyoo crashes and it gives me a Loading online screen then nothing. I'd also like to know how to spawn downloaded maps from menyoo/spooner because I also remember being able to do so. I also tried simple trainer and it crashes as well when I tried to load the carrier

  • @GameblastX I don't use Menyoo but https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors and it works well.

  • @Cyron43 I did and it crashed when starting the game. Also how does this mod work how do I spawn and teleport to the carrier with it?

  • @GameblastX Open all interiors crashed too? Wow I have never heard of that before. Are you sure you've enabled MpMap in the mod's settings (OpenInteriors.ini)? Anyway, Open all interiors renders a white blip (looks like a sail boat) in the far southeast of the map. Set a waypoint on that blip and either use a trainer to teleport there or go by boat, helicopter or plane (preferably VTOL).

  • Ive installed it again but it says that it cant work with openIV is that true?

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