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JET WIND THRUST some script?

  • Hello! Are you interested aircraft theme? May be you know condensing effect? Or wind thrust/noise. This wind effect appears when the aircraft makes a turn on over 300 kmh/190mph. This effect abruptly would be to make but I have no knowledge of scripts. Thanks.

    Work some effects in video - 1:30 and 1:40

    Or picture!

    alt text alt text

    I imagine this way - Jet gaining a certain speed (300 km h or 190 mph) and in any rotate on wings white smoke effects appear. May be.

    alt text

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    Add content, a comment or something that furthers the discussion or just let it fade.

    You might have more success reaching out to notable scripters via chat and seeing if they are interested... You might be more successful if you offer to pay a cash donation for work to be done.

    Join the discord chat to get more frequent back and forth dialogue here:


  • @DarthPungz Ok, thanks!

  • @MUAR contact @CamxxCore

    If no one can do it, he can.

  • @Muar bump... nah joking :slight_smile:

    So you contacted me about this request but the right person to do this (and if he wants to) would be someone experienced with scripts. You could tag or contact Camxxcore, Kryo4lex, Ortega, Oskar or Jedijosh for example.

    Keep in mind that if the scripter doesn't want to create this, don't push it too much, or he'll never want to make it ;) but this is definitely a good idea.

  • @TheSigui Thanks for aiming, I will surely communicate.

  • @MUAR I saw your comment on my mod page but didn't really get what you were saying. Now I understand (: Obviously, there are lots of different areas for improvement as far as the flying mechanics go. I have received a lot of other ideas in the comment section for the jet blast script. Might just save all those ideas and consolidate them in a future script. It would only make sense from a performance perspective

  • @CamxxCore remember that old "jet fighter overhaul" thread ? ;)

  • My take on it.
    My take on it


    The effect is not the best so i've left a few options if someone has the time to look for a better effect.


    @Eddlm that was fast! Got a video of it in action?


  • I don't really plan to come back to it in the future to improve it (its a tiny "maybe"), so here is the sourcecode if someone wants to improve on it.

    Ideally I'd like it to behave more like in this picture:

    alt text

    So the effect is way stronger near the center and dies off to the sides. Seems more realistic

  • How about using multiple smaller scaled particles with different alpha values per wing? That could help archiving this effect.

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