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[SCRIPT] First & Third Person Mode


    Hello all!

    I hope you're having a good day/night, depending on which hour you'll read this ;)

    Well, my request is "simple" and something that maybe some people noticed already, or maybe not. When we enter to a Lowrider car, as for example "buccaneer2" (name on game files), and we are in Third Person Mode, the left arm of the player is supported at is top of the door, but when we put First Person Mode, both hands/arms are on wheel.

    My request is a script or other type of mod that let us drive as in Third Person Mode, but in First Person Mode. Would be great. Or better, a mod that let us choose between 2 modes when we are at First Person Mode, that would be fantastic. Or still better, a mod that let us do both things before and plus, have this option with cars that are not Lowrider's.

    What do you think? ;)

    <3 :regional_indicator_r: :regional_indicator_e: :regional_indicator_y: :regional_indicator_s: :regional_indicator_e: :regional_indicator_r: <3

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