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[VEHICLE] [WIP] The Mighty Fiat Seicento At Last!!

  • This is what can only be described as the most important mod ever to be made for GTA, the mighty Fiat Seicento. It would seem that, for some reason, it's very difficult to find models of the Sei, in fact I've only found 1 and as you can see it is utterly terrible. However it's now working in the game mostly, there's an issue with the passenger door only opening part way and then getting stuck (could just be a Fiat thing), the glass breaks but it teleports when it does and the number plates are a bit funky and the handling is.. rolly. I should be able to sort those things though and hopefully get the model looking less like it was carved from a potato with another potato.

    0_1508559362729_Screenshot (207).jpg
    0_1508559284706_Screenshot (208).jpg
    0_1508559271843_Screenshot (209).jpg

  • Cool, funky little car and nearly bought the sporting version as my first car as they were incredibly cheap. found a 3d model if it makes your life any easier but can see your on your way with this all ready

    alt text

    Also quite wanted to learn how to make cars myself and thought if and when i get a new computer something like this Cinqucento would be a nice simple one to start with.
    alt text

  • @Christian6984 Thanks I'd love to use that model but $89 is half way to what I paid for my irl Seicento! They are great little cars, not fast especially the 899 that I've got now but they are hilarious amounts of fun. I think arguably the non sportings are more fun just because of the ridiculous amount of lean you get through corners.

    Modding-wise I would think that Cinq model would be a very good place to start as it looks like a good high quality detailed model. This is the tutorial I used: https://scrat-tech.fr/modding-gta-v/tutoriels-modding-gta-5/create-a-vehicle-for-gta-v-complete-tutorial/ it's in French but with a bit of Google translate and copying what he does in the videos it is a very helpful tool.

  • So definitely not stealing your idea, I decided I'd have another look for Sei models and there just weren't any decent free ones but I did find a few Cinqs so I decided it would be easier to convert one of those and then try to morph it into a Sei and make a cento pack or something so here's how the Cinq conversion's going so far. Car's all working in game other than the passenger door doing the same as with the Sei which I can't remember how I fixed. Dials, lights, other doors all working. Left to do I've got a few holes in the model to fill in, handling to do, a few other details to finesse on the model and fix the door.
    0_1508917537012_Screenshot (231).jpg
    0_1508917547556_Screenshot (234).jpg
    0_1508917321895_Screenshot (235).jpg

    Then I decided to have a bit of fun and created.. the longcento
    0_1508917587700_Screenshot (225).jpg

  • Great work, looks very smart :)

    The Stretched Limo reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson's Panda
    image url)

  • @Christian6984 Thanks. Yeah that was what I was thinking of when I did it. I'm hoping to do a few different versions of each like the Seicento Racing which I came up with a few years ago.

    0_1508955277327_Seicento Racing Front 3.jpg

  • its a bit more extreme than the hottest version they gave us which was the Micheal Schumacher Sporting wasn't it?

    They can always be upgraded, this Cinqucento has two engines...

  • Yeah I think they did start putting the 1.2 60hp engines in after about 2003 but only on the continent unfortunately. That twin engine one is ridiculous, I remember seeing a few videos of it a while back I think it was running 2 1.2 turbos for a combined 300-350hp or so. I think my favourite build I've seen is this one with the 1.4 turbo from the abarth 500 tuned to 490hp.. through the front wheels. Best thing is it looks fairly stock from outside. alt text
    alt text

  • Where to download the fiat Seicento?

  • @Tank-Guy I was wondering if you would be kind enough to send me this model or upload for download. I love this car but I couldn't find it for GTA IV or V anywhere.

  • Fiat Seicento

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