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Ad Revenue for approved Creators

  • So today I had an amazing idea. This site has a lot of users and traffic everyday and you guys (the admins) make some cash with this site.(which is alright). But why don't give 50% of the ad revenue back to the creators. We all know modding can be expensive the programs and all that stuff. only famous and approved modder will get money
    200k downloads and more. This keeps little children out uploading trash mods and hoping to earn some money. I know you have to pay the servers and that stuff but u could add adblock blockers or add some more ads to the site. It will encourage good modders to upload more and better mods to this site. And only to this site. Other sites won't get uploads from famous modder anymore cause they all want to get some cash. Let me hear what you think about that idea. Thanks

  • I disagree. I think modders shouldn't expect any money for making mods. Mods have always been provided for free, and making mods has always been done for free. Also adding more advertisements and/or ad-block blockers are both horrible ideas which degrade the quality of the site.

  • Banned

    it's a good idea. why not ? some of these mods take a lot of time and effort and they were made with sharing in mind. so why would an occasional "reward" as a form of thanks be such a bad thing ? some of the models here are absolutely amazing, some not so much, but they all take a certain amount of effort. I say hook 'em up.

  • @Jitnaught I think every modder should decide on their one if they want some money. It still is free for users cause it's only ad money.

  • @69roadrunner Donations are an occasional reward that many popular modders receive. You would likely receive more money with donations anyway, because ads do not get much money.


    Can we stop monetizing stuff and making things worse for everybody in general by plastering the website with ads and people losing motivation because modders X and Y are better than him/her? It would make getting started with modding harder since there's less motivation to do it if so-called "verified modders" are there anyway, so why even start?

    I'm pretty sure that this will go down the route YouTube is heading, with people trying to get as much views with little effort as possible, based on some bullshit metrics.

    Also don't forget those Take Two wolves are probably monitoring modding projects. They've shut down a few, and if things get monetized, it's a much easier target.



    Thank you for sharing your idea.

    It will be taken under consideration.

    Please be advised that, as @Jitnaught mentioned, @Dark0ne does make monthly donations to noteworthy and active modders.

    Kind regards.

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