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How do I setup the DLC rpf for my trainer to read add-on peds?

  • Pretty much what I said above. How do I set up the folders inside my dlc.rpf for add-on pedestrians?? Most of the files I've downloaded don't include a readme or keep bringing up the pedestrian add-on mod which I don't need since my Trainer can spawn added pedestrians too.

  • @Glisp Use the Addonpeds mod. It isn't only a trainer to spawn them but also a DLC folder to install all of your Addon Peds

  • I just said I have a trainer for it. How do I get add-on pedestrians working WITHOUT said mod so that my trainer can load them.

    edit: okay let's see if just having the folder will work...
    edit2: nope. Didn't work.

    Come on guys, help me out here. I'm not asking how to setup the add-on peds mod because I don't need it if I have a trainer that will spawn them. How do I set them up to run with the trainer I have? Don't say it's not possible, because people have done it this way before.
    edit 3: why won't this I'm using trainer spawn my peds like it's supposed to? It just load's my current character's default model rather than the proper one. I put the folder in the DLC section, but that doesn't seem to matter for this trainer.

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