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Help spawning Addon Peds in game?

  • Does anyone know how to spawn addon peds in game, NOT as the player? Is there a script or a file I need to edit to have new peds spawn in game?

  • I have that but the peds do not randomly spawn in-game if I am correct or am I missing something? I DON'T want the to spawn the peds as me or the player, just want them walking around in-game.

  • @FastBurst Oh i see what you mean. You would have to replace peds that are in game already with the one you want

  • Is there not a way? I have seen like the RDE mod do it and Vanilla and WOW add more Peds but not sure how it makes them spawn in-game.

    I also seen this post but doesn't say how to actually implement this https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12410/c-net-how-can-i-spawn-addon-peds or if this is simply another spawn trainer or not.


    It's like adding the peds as in meth0d's way, so into a dlc.rpf with peds.meta etc
    And then adding the spawn names into the zones designated in popgroups.ymt where you'll find other ped names

    I use added law enforcement peds as police officers driving patrol cars and dispatching

  • @ReNNie Have you tried with other addon peds besides police to see them populate? I tried adding the Momi and Mia and doesn't seem to appear in game. Updated the peds.meta and added them in the popgroups.ymt in several areas but I still am not seeing them. Not sure if I am missing something.

  • @FastBurst Made this for you.

    ''This is a short video showing how to spawn custom PEDS in game.


    Note: You will need to install custom peds through 'Addonpeds'.''

  • @JDHauser Haha, thanks for posting that. I got my addon peds up and running and couldn't work out how to spawn peds without replacing my player. Didn't even think of using menyoo ;)

    Your links don't work properly by the way - they just go to the main page.

  • @krissboo No problem! Ever since I changed over to menyoo I haven't looked back ;)

    Thanks, fixed! :)

  • @JDHauser I find it a bit clunky but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I switch between menyoo and simple trainer tho as I find I can navigate round simple's menu much easier. But it's all good :)

  • @krissboo Ha, I have the same set up - simple trainer + menyoo! I actually find they bounce off each other quite nicely - whatever menyoo lacks, simple trainer answers and visa versa :)

  • @JDHauser Changing the subject slightly - what sound are you using for your Camaro Drag car? (I want to swap the TVR speed 12 sound and the one you use is perfect as it sounds like a tractor at idle ;) )

  • @krissboo Haha! xD

    I use Franken Strange! So in the vehicle.meta you would need to put:


    Or change engine sound to Franken Strange under muscle in game :)

  • @JDHauser Aight cool, cheers dude. Yeah no worries, I been sound swapping for a while lol. Just couldn't place that sound in your video lol.

  • @krissboo Np! Ha, I remember seeing franken Strange and didn't remember it being added to the game.. Selected it. heard her purr. Been using for most my mods since :D

  • @JDHauser Haha, I was like that with the massacro. I decided I'd try it for my Audi RS6 and then used it for loads more cars. gonna do the same with the btype2 now lol

  • @krissboo For me, it was trying to select an engine sound that suited the car visually.. btype2 just works with everything! Even the golf cart! & especially the Camaro :P - Just need to fix my wheel issue before i can release :/

  • @JDHauser Yeah i'm looking forward to your camaro - looks really good :)

  • @krissboo Thanks man!

  • @JDHauser - I am not sure if you are following what I mean by Spawning in -game for the AddonPeds.

    What I mean is to have the AddonPeds randomly spawn in game world, like the hookers, or hipsters or tourists that walk around randomly throughout the game like everyone else WITHOUT having to use a trainer or another program that I have to manually do.

    I would like them to generate at random like every ped that is in the game currently AND NOT replace the ones that currently there now, I would just like to add more Peds to the gameplay.

    Hopefully that clears up what I am talking about or looking to do.

  • @FastBurst my apologises and thanks for clearing up.

    One option, would be to 'create a map' where you can place your peds around los santos ..and I believe there is a script that lets you create scenarios like 'missions' if you will - so you can have 'character X' walk over to this spot and start shooting people etc.

    If you want to give it a go I can try and find the script for you.

    I don't believe there is anything available for 'exactly' what your asking, other than what I have mentioned above about making your own mission/map and load on start up ..but this is hardly 'random' which is what you want.

    A script would be your best bet but I don't think anything like this exists at the moment :(

  • @JDHauser - Yea I am just trying to figure out like how World of Verity did it as they added new peds and have them appear in game as well. So I know it is possible just not sure how they got this to work exactly.

    I know the file popgroups.ymt needs to be edited as well as the Peds.meta but I am sure I am missing some other piece to get this to work properly.

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