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Tommy Vercetti mod keeps crashing my game

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/hd-tommy-vercetti#comments_tab
    Hey, I'm not sure why but when I activate this mod in the DLC list, as an add-on, the game crashes on load. Could someone take a look at the files to figure out what might be causing the crash please?
    the crash is happening on the load screen before the game boots up before someone asks.

    Also, I'm running the most recent version of the game.

  • hello? I asked for help days ago. I keep getting a memory error with it.

  • @Glisp I don't understand your want for something like this - he's SOOOOO low-poly in the face!


    Are you using dilapidated's gameconfig.xml? And have you increased the appropriate poolsizes on peds in the gameconfig.xml?

    You can find information on poolsizes via the search or by looking into the description on Willief23's gameconfig.xml. He has put up a lot of useful information about manipulating poolsizes.

  • @eshenk because the only other good tommy vercetti mod for GTA V looks meh and doesn't have extra clothing. Then there's that other one that just uses the Vice City model completely.

    as for the gameconfig thing, I don't know why that would matter. It actually just crashes the game more often than not. I've only got the memory error like once.

  • Well without changing gameconfig, you won't be able to use add-on peds.

  • @Glisp gameconfig files will help with most mods you add to your game. and can increase or decrease your fps depending on how high or low you set some of the values. Out of memory error is due to some values being too high.

    And P.S. no im not back everyone just came in to see whats new i uninstalled gta v im back into playing Witcher3.

  • I've tried installing various gameconfig files. It doesn't seem to help this specific mod.

    edit: just installed dilapidated's gameconfig file. (the 5x one). It's still crashing which means it's the mod itself that's the issue. It's doing something that the game doesn't like. I'm no expert on the files but I suggest someone takes a look at the files to find out what it's doing that the game is having fits about.

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