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carGenerators in ymap?!


    I noticed that every car listed in a Map Editor file, and subsequently gets converted to ymap, disappears. Or, rather, the whole <carGenerators> thing seems to do absolutely nothing. Like:

              <popGroup />
              <position x="-375.974884" y="377.385132" z="110.23085" />
              <orientX value="0.940832" />
              <orientY value="-1.16826189" />
              <perpendicularLength value="1.5" />
              <flags value="3680" />
              <bodyColorRemap1 value="-1" />
              <bodyColorRemap2 value="-1" />
              <bodyColorRemap3 value="-1" />
              <bodyColorRemap4 value="-1" />
              <livery value="-1" />

    I'm generally not that interested in seeing a few vanilla filler cars spawned, but why don't they ever show up? And the <carGenerators> sections seems to suggest options that might cause one to spawn customly tuned cars (which I really WOULD be interested in).


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