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Crashes every 5-7 minutes

  • Have been dealing with this since I updated my game from 1.944.1 to latest version. Here are the symptoms -

    1.) If I am an ant interior or playing golf or darts, I can play without issue for hours.
    2.) When I am outside doing anything else -driving, shooting, walking around, I crash within 5-7 minutes with no errors reported in the launcher logs. I have no errors of any kind in scripthookvdotnet logs

    I removed about two dozen replacement vehicles, leaving me with only a dozen or so. I used zipporaids violence mod, RDE, rage euphoria mod, and a custom weapons animations mod that makes the damage from weapons fire more dramatic, and this mod here, which is a MUST-HAVE -


    I noticed that with the move to the latest version, the weapons.meta file has new parameters added compared to the modified version I am now using. Could that be an issue? I don't know why that would really matter given the fact that the new parameters are there to support the new MP content with mpgunrunning etc. I tried merging the changes but I ended up with an infinite loading screen.

    I thought that maybe a vehicle is spawning with bugged tuning parts, but I already modified vehiclemodelsets to disable tuning for every vehicle. The only option I have left is to reinstall the entire game but I am fearful, that as I put stuff back, the crashes will return. Anyone have any ideas on what the culprit could be?


    @eshenk said in Crashes every 5-7 minutes:

    I noticed that with the move to the latest version, the weapons.meta file has new parameters added compared to the modified version I am now using. Could that be an issue?

    So... you're using an outdated meta file that misses references for newer functionality the game tries to handle?
    It could very well be the culprit. Who says it doesn't try to load it in SP?

    Try merging those files again? Take the vanilla most recent weapons.meta as base
    Compare it line by line compare to the settings you want from that mod

    I've done the same when merging the loadouts.meta from my own game to Better Police Weapon Loadouts by Yard1 and take the non-police stuff from Improved Loadouts by ATP2555

  • @ReNNie I tried to do just that. Could you look at the two and give it a try. One thing that stands out is the name of a weapons slot for a pistol, which is 90 in my modified weapons.meta but is 95 in the new vanilla version - I don't know how to handle that. When I merged the changes I get infinite loading. There is something to the why the slot number changed, but I don't know what to do about it to make so they are compatible.


    sorry mate, I'm still on version dinosaur

  • @ReNNie I managed to merge the changes needed to make both compatible. End result is no crashes within 5-7 minutes, crashes within 30 minutes, LOL...

  • @eshenk

    When you remove mod folder, the game works fine?

    And what kind of crash you get?
    Example: Frozzen Screen and 10 sec noise in speakers

  • @ReNNie Hey man, you want some early-morning-entertainment-value? Get a load of what is posted above my comment, LOL...


    @eshenk :) yeah I read it.

    Been messing with dispatch/popgroups/vehicles.meta lateley in conjunction with the 3 density settings in settings.xml to get a decent amount of traffic and enough variety

    And tried to 'steal' some policing peds from RDE 3.1.1 but with those two dozen 10MB peds loaded my game immediately panics and it's the taxi-bug all over again... too bad tho

  • @ReNNie It's very interesting you mentioning this, because just this morning I thought of returning some values in gameconfig to vanilla-state, and then only manipulating values in settings.xml to increase traffic and ped densities. I am still trying to nail down what is causing my crashes. I made some more changes to gameconfig for testing. If the crashes persist, I will take this approach another route, hoping for the best here.


    Afaik there's three values in gameconfig that are particularly prone to crashes. The TxdStore and two others. Downstairs at tea now :P

    When just lowered with 100 it can already make a difference.

    Those city density values in settings.xml also aren't free of stability cost.

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