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Beat Cops - No Weapons?


    Back in spring 2016 I've edited my own police force (L.E.E.T., the Law Enforcement Enhancement Tool) using RDE (still in development back then) and Olanov's Cops: Back on the Beat 2.0. and the BCSO stuff.

    So, I have a modified dispatch, popcycle and popgroups. I spawn added peds (in black LSPD outfits, LSCS sheriffs, SASP state patrol etc) and corresponding vehicles from LSPDFR in the different outfits with my own liveries from an addon dlcpack.

    Combined with Eddlm's Better Chases + Arrest Warrant 1.2 and the PieRGud's CopHolster this has always worked great for me.

    I see beat cops patrolling on foot, I see the added peds and cars patrolling and dispatching. All is good.


    And I've always been bugged by this ... the beat cops have no weapon holstered?

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