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gun Request

  • is there any chance you could make a good/decent m16a4 model from cod 4 rm or any models you know as there doesn't seem to be any good ones being converted an i have been waiting since gun mods started coming out i would be willing to make a little donation if you could


  • @jordy1690 thanks for tagging me. i have never made weapon mods. i'll try after mid november. unless someone makes it before that.

    because i have a few ppl who are waiting for their mods and have already donated. i need to finish their mods before i start work on any new requests :slight_smile:

  • @jordy1690 this is a pretty acceptible model from soldiers of fortune game:


  • Ok buddy let me know when you would be ready to try it and then we can talk about models and a reasonable donation am looking for a model like this if possible0_1508933146916_upload-ba5789f7-531f-445e-8b51-a523942dad6c

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