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GTA Vehicle Idea Thread

  • This is just a simple thread to gather people's ideas for more or less lore friendly gta vehicles.

    Name: Vapid Merchant
    Based on: late 30s business coupes
    Description: "Ah, the good Ole days; stable families, money worth something, and insane people running asylums rather than society. We can't bring any of that back, but we sure can bring back the cars, reintroducing the Vapid Merchant! With such attention to interior detail, you actually will feel like your melting due to the lack of onboard air-conditioning! Such painful re-engineering of the ride quality, that you won't even feel the corpses of the homeless as you drive over them. Legal note: homeless corpses not part of recreation."

    Name: Issi Rollover
    Based on: Reliant Robin
    Description: "Do you know what you get when you mix incompetent British lawmaking, three wheels, and about three pounds of rust and axeity? The commuter car every American wants of course! I mean, think; for less than 7 grand, you get a car that moves, and everything! Guaranteed twice the speed of your average jogger in a straight line! The pinnacle of English automobiles, the Rollover truly is a testament to what you can achieve, as long as you never, ever think about turning."

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