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[MAP] Spawnable building models as Add-On

  • Hello everyone!
    I saw tons of menyoo, map editor mods which trying to pretend villas, houses etc. So i have idea for nice mod, the old version of Meihan circuit map model which was spawnable via trainer as meihanc but dissapeared from Gta5-mod because this mod has been connected to Race Map Pack v2.0 alt text.

    If someone try to make a mod working like track above ( spawn model via trainer) but a house model instead race track that would be gold! No more crappy menyoo, map editor houses which eats tons of ram and making bugs spawning huge amount of props. Just spawning one model and placing it freely on map and upgrade it by adding some furniture and other extras into it if model got empty interior.

    House model example but i know there are tons of free to use models of beautifull houses which can be ported to GTA

    Little advice": If someone want to make that mod he should not add doors, gates into it because these will be glued to the model and without it working doors can be added via menyo :sunglasses:
    Someone created something like my idea but permamently placed on some location


    some other examples and concepts
    some other examples
    alt text

  • @S_K well we released custom prop mod but was long time ago and made with zmodeler so model can't be used with ymap.
    You can still use it but with map editor or menyoo for now.
    I'll try to make a prop package made with gims and with more optmisation when i'll get time but that gonna be before few month i guess ;s

  • @Shaezbreizh I'm not thinking about your custom prop mod :D . if You remember meihanc !

    You should know that map was spawned by trainer as prop and player can place it everywhere on map. Thats why im suggest to put house instead whole racetrack in same way :

    C:\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\housetest


    then spawn model "housetest" via menyoo

  • i like it. im not very gifted architecturally. im more into the little props inside and the ped scenarios so i always like to see more builds

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