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  • Guys, i need someone a make a Hyundai IX 35 2010 2.0 mpi 4x2 manual
    0_1508964709854_1.jpg 0_1508964716583_2.jpg 0_1508964720697_3.jpg


  • @Ruan-Dalson $$$ is the answer in order to get attention from any car mod builder.

  • i guess it is free, no? @car-mod-fan

  • @Ruan-Dalson Dude...

    @car-mod-fan said in [Vehicle]:

    @Ruan-Dalson $$$ is the answer in order to get attention from any car mod builder.

  • @krashadam Thank you.

  • @Ruan-Dalson You're asking someone to volunteer to do 30+ hours of work for you. If you make a request like this 9 times out of 10 It's not going to be done for free unless you luckily find someone with the right skills and a lot of time on their hands. If you have the time yourself then I can point you in the right direction with tutorials for modding vehicles into GTA V.

  • @Ruan-Dalson if you choose to do it yourself. we can guide you along the way and point you towards good tutorials and or answer your questions just as @jspeed honestly and respectfully offered

  • @jspeed hey, sorry if I've asked you about this once before, but I'm pretty interested in that. Would you mind giving me the links to those tutorials?

    Also, you wouldn't happen to know where I could download models of cars from Watch_Dogs would you? Particularly the Woodie?

  • @krissboo Probably because the author put his stupid custom license plate on the front? (Probably why the OP didn't go for it to begin with) It's a real easy way to kill the authenticity in a mod if you ask me. There are better ways to keep your copyright. I know my way... ;)

  • @krashadam I was just saying the same thing about a couple cars i downloaded the other day. I don't even want to drive them, totally ruined the mod for me

  • @westcoastsosa I didn't like the retired CVPI mods, they'd often end up replacing traffic cars. Since when did the police force hire 18 year old hipsters? (because they drive the stanier, too, seen a few of them.) And I got to disliking the mod, so I removed it, replaced it with a '96 Crown Vic. (Once it was around, but in mid 2016 we didn't have a sudden splurge of 90's cars.)

  • @ThePurpleFucker

    First of all you will need Zmodeler 3, It's probably the only program that has import/export filters for GTA V's 3D vehicle model formats. It's paid software though (you can download a free version but some features like importing GTA models are disabled unless you have a valid license) There are of course less than legal ways of acquiring a working copy of Zmodeler 3 but no one here will condone or help with that as It's against the forum rules.

    Anyway once you've got Zmodeler 3, I'd suggest you try and convert a car from GTA IV to V. It might sound daunting but It's actually not too intensive and will help you learn some of the core skills in working with Zmodeler to make vehicle mods for GTA V.

    Here's a link to some tutorials for that

    (1st video in a series)

    (1st video in another series but voiced)

    You might have to go over those a few times and put some effort in to learn and familiarize yourself with Zmodeler but those should get you a good working knowledge.

    I highly recommend checking out this page too: http://forum.zmodeler3.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=7349

    It has a lot of very useful information and a lot of examples of the meta data you have to use in Zmodeler for vehicle mods like door rotational data, collision flags and so on.

    Here's also a helpful list of the external state IDs to use for setting up vehicle lights properly (tells the game which part of your model is which light) https://pastebin.com/m4q0yB0h

    For any other help I'd recommend the Zmodeler 3 GTA V Sub Forum, This forum's Tutorial sub-forum and also the 5mods discord vehicle mods channel (You can chat with some other vehicle modders there and get some help if you're having any issues)

    About Watch Dogs models, I can't really help too much. That's more of a model ripping/reverse engineering question. I'd suggest you find some online forums/communities that specialise in that sort of thing like this one.

  • @jspeed thanks for the help mate. Just for reference, are these links likely to be up for a awhile? Cause I'm kind restricted to using a tablet for most computer related stuff at the moment.

  • @krashadam yep, I didn't see that to be honest but yeah I'm the same. If I can't change the plate i won't drive it lol

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