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down voting mods, because people have pirated/cracked game....

  • why is it people down vote your mods, and expect support when they use a pirated version of gtav, i wont make a mods for pirated versions nor will i support anyone using said version.

    What do other guys/girls think on this subject.


    Hmmm, Site-Related Questions & Feedback might be a better forum. I think plenty more people suffer from such ratings, or even people who get mad when your mod doesn't work in GTA:O or an unsupported framework like FiveM.

    You can ignore them and report their comments. The moderators will remove such unfair ratings.


    I would actually be interested in knowing whether anyone actually likes or thinks the 1-5 star rating system is a good idea on the internet? The moderators on the site spend most of their time dealing with people giving mods 1 stars because they don't know how to read/don't like the mod author/insert invalid reasons for downrating a mod here so I'd love to talk about how we can reduce that or find another system which isn't so horribly exploited.


    Right now you can "Like" and rate a mod even if you haven't downloaded it before. Something like Nexusmods where you should first have downloaded the mod (+ a small grace period) before being able to rate it, would be a nice thing.

    I'm not sure about the star-based ratings, as they are somewhat indicative of the quality of the mod. You can't do much about pirates and you can't force them to post logs. Maybe force a minimum word count for a post that's rating something negatively?

    Personally I'd much more appreciate it if I got a 2/5 with "Crashes my game when I run this with ScriptHookVDotNet2 and I'm using yada yada hardware with this, pls fix" than a 3/5 with "u crashed my pc"

  • @Dark0ne This is exactly what I experienced so many times. People who are too lazy to read the guide, give the mod a bad rating. The more versatile a mod gets, the bigger the guide but lazy people are either overwhelmed by the many words or they don't even bother to take a closer look into the zip/rar file and miss the guide completely. They don't even care to read the description pane on the web site.
    I got an idea: Most ratings fit but few exceptions distort the overall value pretty much. Maybe change the calculation from an arithmetic mean to a harmonic mean (or geometric mean?). You could even eliminate exceptional values outside 3 or 5 Sigma (that needs some testing) before the calculation. I think the result would better reflect the true value of a mod and low ratings from people who are in a private vendetta with the modder, fall off the cliff.

  • i think it does need a proper rating system, and like the comment ikt made, if youve actually tried the mod and given a grace period, and or gotten no response if youve a problem then rate the mod. maybe a system like a certain sell it site has, ie communication, ease of use, installation etc then give the option to rate. then the script would give an overall rating based on said stars.

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