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Help Needed With Car Mods

  • HI
    ive been modding GTA5 with cars mods for a while now. So adding mods and replacing the files i can do.

    I've got to a point where ive added about 200 car mods and recently i was playing and the game and it would crash.

    "GTA has stopped working error" or "game memory error".

    So i thought maybe it was because i was replacing files in the game directory as well the mods folder.

    So i backed up the mods folder and performed a clean install so the game directory is back to normal.

    I've added the mod folder back and now my mods are kinda half/half.

    Half the original folder and and half mod.

    Meaning when i spawn the car now it shows half new and half old causing the screen to clitch.

    Can anyone help with suggestions on how to fix this issue.

    Do i have to mod the game directory update folder also or is there a way to fix this in the mods folder.

    Although ive been modding for a while its still very basic knowledge so any clear help would be nice thanks.

    Any other info you need i can provide

  • If you have a clean copy of your original game then I would suggest to delete your mods folder (considering mods folder contains only moded files) and then create a new mod folder and remod it. This time try to change only in mods folder. I will soon create a oiv file containing more than 40 cars from many authors so that everyone will be able to install at one click but I need to ask every authors first.

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