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Testers needed for Manual Transmission - G920 and other wheel users

  • As you might know my Manual Transmission script has some issues with the Logitech G920 + ScriptHookVDotNet, and probably it affects some other wheels too.

    I've made a build with some more logging built in. Please test this special build and report back with Gears.log.



    • Download the normal v4.4.0 from the mod page and install it normally.
    • Download the zip in the link above and extract BOTH Gears.asi and Gears.pdb to the GTA folder. Replace the old Gears.asi.
    • Play the game. If the wheel just works there's no need to post the log, but I would like a report back so I can keep up some statistics.
    • If the wheel causes a crash, please upload ManualTransmission/Gears.log to pastebin.com. It contains info that could help me fix the problems.

    I'd particularly appreciate some reports from Logitech G920 users, as that seems to crash for some weird reason when using ScriptHookVDotNet.

    Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Bump :sob:

  • @ikt I tested your mod, is accurate and great, unfortunatelly I don't have any driving wheel to report any issue. Just like personal suggestion, could be nice if the changing gear sound can be an external audio file as option, apart of the native sounds (or a list to select one), just to improve the experience, same for some turbo discharge.

  • @Rarefacer
    Thanks. Audio is not really on my list of things to take care of. GTA V itself has some sounds to change gears and you also don't really hear real cars changing gears. If you mean the sound when you fuck up and the gears start grinding, possibly, but that's still sorta out of scope right now.

    I really just want to fix all the crashing issues and other QOL stuff before adding less noticeable non-simulation stuff.

  • @ikt
    I have a G27 if youre looking for users with that too

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