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Converting replacement to addon and the parts are invisible (but still listed)

  • I was trying to turn the Comet 6STR (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/pfister-ruff-weld-comet-widebody-tuners-and-outlaws#comments_tab) into an addon, and I've finally managed to get the game to recognize the parts. My problem is that the parts are not visible but are still listed. Even the wheels don't change no matter what wheel I select.

    No, this is not the same error that most people complain about - having no tuning options for a vehicle. I have a unique ID value for my addon so don't refer me to a list of ID numbers. Now, I am accepting of the idea that the problems are similar in nature, but they are not the same exact thing.

    I've also noticed that the force fields for things like the spoiler are still recognized when I stand on it even though the spoiler cannot be seen.

  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods You probably forgot to register the wheels...

  • @krashadam and that would make all the other parts invisible? To where and what do I type in to register the wheels?

  • I noticed that the wheels are colored by the secondary color option and not the wheel color options. Maybe this is related to the wheel coloring. There's another mod called the Beck Custom F132 that has this issue - secondary color wheels.

  • I found the problem. The problem is with the wheels on the YFT models. All the other vehicles that have working customization and tuning do not have the rear wheels in the YFT models. This one and the Beck Customs F132 have the rear wheels installed on the YFT model. I think what I need to do to fix this is get Zmodeler or something that can make YFT files and delete the rear wheels.

  • Another update:
    I tried using the original Comet model, and the only part that I can change are the wheels. The visual parts are still missing. I also tried to delete the three wheels (I realize that it's three wheels that are unnecessary and not two), but ZModeler keeps exporting corrupt YFT files. Well, that's a discussion for a different time. Are there any known fixes to getting this to work yet?

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