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How to get 50% Traffic/PEDs?

  • I used to enjoy using GTA V mods of real cars with a game config for two reasons -

    A ) Obviously more add-ons etc.
    B ) There was an option for 50% traffic - this really helped for when I use real car mods as opposed to vanilla edit mods, at the cars aren't GTAV Style, you know HQ and all, so the less traffic and peds helped with FPS, alot.

    Now, Iam switching back from Vanilla Edit Mods to Real Car Mods as I do every so once in a while - but I have come to notice the game config I use with the 50% PEDs + traffic hasn't been updated, and the author isn't planning on so, So I need some way to get 50% PEDs and Traffic, yes I have slided the "Traffic Density" down in settings but by previous experience, while it is helpful, it isn't enough.

    Thanks, any replies will be very much appreciated :)

  • This post is deleted!


    @ethannn_ Stop bumping please

    Instead, compare the lines dealing with vehicle and peds multipliers inside the gameconfig.xml file between vanilla and Willief23 50% version to learn the inner works

  • @ReNNie Well, to be fair if I didn't bump you may not have seen this & no one may not have responded.
    Wait he has a 50% Traffic & PED version? Lol i last time i checked he didn't ; if he does that makes this so much easier


    @ethannn_ oh I saw, but modding is first and foremost trying things out yourself. Not getting it handed.

    Else check on of the others that do have it. It's just cutting the vanilla values in half on the specific poolsizes inside gameconfig.xml, accompanied with toned down densities in settings.xml.

  • @ReNNie Ok, i've edited some values :)

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