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YCA DLC spawn problems.

  • I cannot get the cars to spawn in game, I've tried everything. The model names show up under the car spawner but whenever i click on the car it does nothing. Using a different trainer just says "Invalid model" But i have a separate add on installed with a Mclaren P1 which will spawn but the one from his mod wont? I've followed the read me I have even watched youtube tutorials, Deleted and reinstalled the mod yet nothing. Any suggestions?

  • Try to just reverse what you did and bring the game to the position where it was before installing yca. Now put the dlc files (files in update folder not update.rpf) to update/x64/dlcpacks and files in update.rpf to update/update.rpf/dlc_patch. Then change the dlclist and the other file that are included in readme. If you see crashes or other problems try to change the gameconfig files with those included or with other available on this website (always backup your original gameconfig). This might work.

  • I have almost created a oiv file of more than 30 cars. I will be uploading it in few days.

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