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[VEHICLE][SCRIPT] Dubai Taxi Drone

  • Don't tell me you haven't seen it this, everyone will love this bringin in GTA 5

    BTW not bad idea if someone also make a Taxi mod(script) with drone? i mean Sky traffic that sends and receive peds to random location, landing, flying would be a fantastic, btw someone may tell that i am commenting about the future of GTA 9 of 2050 lol.
    About the script i know some good guys here that can make the script

    And Here is a model
    alt text

    alt text

    It can be similar model if this cannot be find.

  • @NaughtyBoy this drone is easy to make but script part im not too sure.

  • @FoxtrotDelta First let the drone come to gta 5 about the script i don't know scripting but i'm sure someone will do it, the idea is add multiple drones to pick up peds and send random location and then land, like helicopters we also got new script Multiple waypoint by @FIFASam will ask some guys i know possible also @winject can help us in this project or if anybody else if is interested feel free to reply.

  • I'm in! I would love to see such a feature on a game like GTA V.
    The scripting part would be a bit tough but I thought about some solutions.

  • @winject perfect i knew it, now left only a drone, who is able to do it ? @FoxtrotDelta @SkylineGTRFreak or any other modder, thanks.

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