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adverts activating when you click anywhere a white space is main home page.

  • why is if you click your mouse anywhere in the main pages it makes a webpage open up showing call of duty or the evil within2. i know you have to display adverts for revenue to keep site going, but for some reason it doesnt matter where your mouse pointer is it activates the adverts.

  • tried 2 different browsers edge and firefox both do same thing adverts trigger if you click anywhere on website.


    I'll pass this on to the ad providers. I imagine that's very annoying so hopefully they can fix it ASAP.

  • thanks at the minute ive had to resort to an adblocker to resolve the situation.

  • @Designerappz Doesn't happen to me. Probably not yet, but until it starts happening for people other than you, I'd say you caught onto malware or something.

  • Happening to me on my specific mod page. I heard random voices thinking it was my Discord because they went on then off. Then I saw the sound icon on the tab for gta5-mods and realized an ad was playing because at the bottom left of chrome I saw it loading up things like "adsource" or something. It happened several times, I hear them for 6 seconds, then they go away.

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