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How to Set Convertible Roof extra ON, all time when raining weather.

  • Hi fellows, I have the Ferrari California 2012 with the roof as extra. And I have a mod that spawn DLC car in traffic, everything work's OK, and car work very well, but my only problem is when it is rainign the car's in traffic spawn without the roof and sometyme with the roof..

    Is there any way that I can set the roof just like the '' coquette and the Voltic '' that always spawn with roof ON in raining days??

  • @Mick360 if u set flag extras_require the roof eill never turn off. Even when sunny

    Edit: Sorry its a different flag i forgot which flagline it was.


    @FoxtrotDelta @GreenAid

    I've seen different explanations on the FLAG_EXTRAS_REQUIRE now?
    GreenAid said it's a flag that ensures that when spawning an EXTRA_ item the underlying parts (misc_) also come on?
    eg foglight components attached as misc_ to an EXTRA_ bullbar... (if I understood that remark correctly)

    So... :confused:

  • @ReNNie alright seems greenaid said the correct version its a different,flag that forces flags always on. You are correct my bad.


    You mean FLAG_EXTRAS_ALL, @FoxtrotDelta ?

  • @FoxtrotDelta @ReNNie So, what should I add, to make my extra roof always spawn on Rainig day?? I'm kinda confussed :(

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