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How to use ModManager to install VisualV?

  • anyone know how to use Modmanager in Folder mode to install Visual V + visual V optional addons?

    There are many .rpf file changes. If using folder mode, do I have to make duplicate update.rpf for every single folder in Folder mode that requires RPF files with config files?

  • If using provided OIV installer package, how do you run game with VisualV mod Toggled on/off?

    (this is reason i want to install via a Mod manager)

  • @Frazzlee

    thanks for the help. i think visualv adds more changes to visualsettings & gameconfig too, maybe some other files too

  • I was hoping to use the Mod Manager so that I could swap between Visual V ON/OFF with a launcher profile.

    Launch game with vanilla gfx, or launch with all of Visualv's options & addons. just going to make multiple game directories and have 700gb of GTA 5 stuff mixed over like 5-10 game folders (w/ mods folders)

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