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Changes to file uploads and moderator approval


    Hi folks,

    Following consultation with mod authors via our Discord server we have introduced a new process when uploading files.

    Previously, when authors uploaded new files or updates for their files on 5Mods it would go into a private queue that moderators would have to manually verify and accept before the file would be shown available for download on 5Mods. Sometimes this can delay the release of your files by up to 24 hours or more depending on how busy the moderation team is. This can obviously be quite annoying if you need to release a quick update for your files.

    To help alleviate this issue, and to put more responsibility into the hands of the community itself, we're bringing in a "Verified Mod Author" system which will remove the moderation queue for mod authors who fit our specific criteria. When a Verified Mod Author uploads a file to the site it will be available as soon as the Virus Total scan is completed and returns a negative for viruses, which is normally within 10 minutes, with no moderator approval necessary.

    In order for a page to become visible to users it must have a file that has been scanned by Virus Total and come back clean. Thus there should not be a situation where users come across file pages that do not have a file/download attached to it.

    A Verified Mod Author is any user who has 3 uploads already verified by moderators on 5Mods and whose account is older than one month. If a user does not fit this criteria then they will be subject to the previous system where a moderator will have to manually approve their files before they are available on the site. Once they do fit this criteria they'll automatically be moved into the Verified Mod Author subgroup.

    We've made this system to reduce the waiting times for new files and reduce the burden on moderators on 5Mods. The idea is to put more faith and trust in some of the more well known and active mod authors in the community and to give the community more responsibility, rather than relying on a select few moderators to dictate what goes on 5Mods all the time. 5Mods is a community site after all, and while moderators and admins have the final say, I don't think it's necessary to be continually holding every user's hand if they can stick to the rules and etiquettes of the site.

    We've been testing the system with a select few mod authors over the past week and we believe it is now bug free. We've now turned on the system for all applicable users and will trial how it works out over the comings weeks before decided if any changes need to be made.

    Here's a short FAQ to answer some obvious questions:

    Q. When you say "3 uploads" do you mean 3 file uploads on a single page, or 3 different mod pages?

    We mean 3 different file pages with 3 or more uploads across the 3 pages, not 3 uploads on a single file page.

    Q. I am a prolific mod author who updates his/her page regularly but I only have 1 or 2 mods on 5Mods, not 3. Can I still be made a verified mod author so updating my mod pages is easier?

    Yes, if you don't fit the criteria above but you are still a prolific, respectable mod author then we will review such circumstances on an individual basis. Contact me if you think that fits you.

    Q. What if verified mod authors post pages that aren't acceptable for 5Mods? E.g. file pages without proper screenshots or descriptions?

    If you see inappropriate or badly made file pages then please report the page to the moderation team using the "Report" button next to the file name, then move on. Please don't start arguments in the comment section -- leave it to the moderators to sort out.

    Q. Can verified mod authors be removed from this automatic verification system if they repeatedly upload file pages that aren't adequate for 5Mods?

    Yes, we've coded the system in such a way that we can manually pick and choose people who can, and cannot, be verified mod authors. That way, if a verified mod author continually uploads pages that aren't complete (e.g. no screenshots, bad descriptions, etc.) we can put them back into the non-verified user group, thus requiring all their files be manually verified by moderators again.

  • @Dark0ne yesssss this system sounds way better

  • But how can i see if i am verified or not? Is there any icon on my profile or something?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman There is no indicator besides having 3 mods uploaded and approved.

  • @Dark0ne Definitely a better system this way. Nice to be able to upload something and it get approved pretty much straight away. Is the "this file was automatically approved" comment really necessary tho? Or is that there so we know the new system is working?


    @krissboo said in Changes to file uploads and moderator approval:

    Is the "this file was automatically approved" comment really necessary tho? Or is that there so we know the new system is working?

    It's there so moderators don't get blamed when someone uploads a mod that e.g. violates the community guidelines.

  • @Jitnaught It would be nice to check it somewhere, to tell people exactly when i or other people release a mod.

  • @Unknown-Modder ok cheers for letting me know.


    then verified author will get a verified badge like youtube and facebook?

  • @ImNotMentaL said in Changes to file uploads and moderator approval:

    then verified author will get a verified badge like youtube and facebook?

    I would like that idea :-)

  • @ImNotMentaL Good idea

  • @Dark0ne i rlly like the new system

  • Ideal to have the option to transfer something and it move endorsed essentially straight away. Is the "this record was consequently endorsed" remark truly important

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