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Quaternation sh*t

  • @Dekurwinator said in Quaternation sh*t:

    @meimeiriver ive used your values for rotation and object prop_ld_handbag spawned by ymap has exacly same rotation like this spawned by menyoo. Theres no issues for me.

    Thank you for testing this!

    I re-tested this myself, and the handbag suddenly appeared correctly. I smelled a rat, walked towards it, bumped into it, and, lo and behold, it rolled back to an upward position! I'm guessing because its flags make it moveable somehow:

    <Item type="CBaseArchetypeDef">
      <lodDist value="40.00000000"/>
      <flags value="537001984"/>
      <specialAttribute value="0"/>
      <bbMin x="-0.21432900" y="-0.06014400" z="-0.55755700"/>
      <bbMax x="0.21432900" y="0.06014400" z="0.06122500"/>
      <bsCentre x="0.00000000" y="0.00000000" z="-0.24816600"/>
      <bsRadius value="0.38115220"/>
      <hdTextureDist value="5.00000000"/>

    That's easily solved, of course: I'll just copy it into my own props.rpf, but with regular flags. :)

    Thanks again.

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