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Where to change license plate font colour ?

  • Hi
    Sorry for my english.

    Like topic says, where can i change font colour for license plates ?
    I want to create custom plates, and i need white text colour to make them good looking.
    In GTAV colour is predefined for plates 1 to 5.

    Does anyone know what file I need to edit to get the result ?

    For excample i created this -> https://imgur.com/a/FoYVh
    Background is blue so blue/black text will look ugly.

  • I figured it out.

    In -> mods>update>update.rpf>x64>data>carcols.ymt you need to change these lines:
    <FontColor value="0xFFCF9E00"/>
    <FontOutlineColor value="0x00FFFFFF"/>
    <FontColor value="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
    <FontOutlineColor value="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
    for each plate (<DiffuseMapName>plate01,plate02,plate03,plate04</DiffuseMapName>)

    0xFFFFFFFF stands for pure white. Or you can simply use colour hash name and change plate text colour for whatever colour you want.

    I will soon upload a few custom plates that i created.

  • @RazielvvPL You can also try editing font extents and offset, but editing offset affects all the plates, while extents only affect its counterpart. If You want some example, download my `04 B7 and You will find my custom setup in the archive...

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