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[DONE] Gold cross chain for freemode male

  • Can someone please mod the gold cross chain so it fits the freemode male?

  • @iGhoul Why did you make the same topic twice when you can just use the original?

  • The other thread was about me asking for instructions, but didn't get any answers in that thread. Since I didn't get any response I tried to mod it myself, didn't go so well. So now I'm asking if anyone could mod it.

  • @iGhoul You could've just bumped that thread instead and ask the question there, just saying.

  • It's two different questions. My first question was how to mod the chain for the freemode male, this question is if anyone could mod and upload it, since I couldn't make it work (after one week of hard trying). I really need this mod for a big project, so if you know how to make it work please help me out.

  • @iGhoul Spawn p_ortega_necklace_s with menyoo and attach it to SELF>CHEST then rotate with 10.000 strength and edit the yaw pitch roll till it looks right and save as outfit. Make sure to turn collisions off on the chain after attaching

  • Thanks to you I finally made it, huge thanks!!@westcoastsosa

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