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Why don't we have any proper animal ped mods?

  • So I've noticed that everytime someone adds a new animal, the ped is usually using human bones or replaces an existing animal. I'm curious, what's different from animals and normal peds that make add-on peds for them impossible to create?

  • I'm not a modeller, so don't take full word of this but I'm pretty sure animals when modelled are complex in themselves, with all the polygons and shapes it would need and also how much you'd have to edit the gameconfigs. They're possible to create though the reason why there's a lack of it is probably because it's just really difficult and remodelling an already made ped that is human shaped is easier.

  • @Glisp I'm pretty sure at this moment, creating new bones is impossible. That's why they use animal bones.

    And you can make an animal mod an addon, nothing is stopping you from that.

  • @Glisp Yeah that really sad, I guess it's related to bone as said other, but well even with the current animal of gta there is a high potential ;S

  • i'm more surprised people havent used the bones from the game, i mean why no one did horses ?

  • @Glisp If Add-On animals is released, the animal mods will come.
    Right now, almost all type of animals can be rigged using the vanilla skeletons, no matter sizes, shapes, material, fur or any other exclusive animal feature, but, the number of animals in the game is limited and if are just replaced, not offer too much difference to enhance a lively world experience.

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