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Mods not working

  • So i haven't played gta with mods for very long time and decided today to get some new mods and play with them...i copied gta5 into a new folder installed mods there(ofc i followed all the rules) and launched the game...i spawned in tried pressing F4 and other mod commands but nothing happened idk why i even installed RagePluginHook but it gives me some error.

    Gta5 is not cracked but doesn't use steam also its latest version

    P.S i installed latest ScriptHook i also have Lua and i installed some mods using OpenIV. I also tried opening game in different ways non of them seem to work

  • Sounds similar to what's happening to me, only the mods work... it's just that some of them, like the Superman mod, just don't work as well as they used to.

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