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[WIP] [Released] - The GTAExtended Project

  • GTAExtended

    Download v0.1

    Aimed to make you experience the game properly, and interact with the world properly. GTAExtended is going to add game-changing mechanics like new vehicle interactions, a better combat/health system, dynamic animations. You'll now experience Grand Theft Auto V as intensely as you should.

    Below there's a list of what's already done and what's planned, but not done yet.


    · Gameplay

    Will take care of what happens in the world.

    · General Feedback

    Will take care of make sure you experience the world properly.


    New Interactions with your vehicle:
    · Open/Close trunk and hood: Just get near them and press E.
    · Fix engine: With a wrench equipped, open your vehicle's hood and hit E.
    · Vehicle carriers - Attach/Detach other cars: While driving the carrier, press G (Detonate key).
    · Exit by the right side: Exit normally, keeping the wheels turned to the right.
    · Keep handbrake ON: Press the Handbrake key while completely stopped. Press it again to release the handbrake.
    :hammer: Change various in-vehicle animation styles
    :hammer: Enable self-drive (modern vehicles)
    :hammer: Store/Retrieve weapon from trunk
    :hammer: Roll down/up driver's window
    :hammer: Lock vehicle
    :hammer: Clean Vehicle
    :hammer: Replace blown tire

    New interactions with the World:
    · Grab ped/prop: While in Stealth and Unarmed, press E near the ped/prop you want to grab. Press E again to drop it.

    General Feedback

    A secondary module, its goal is to help improve the experience via screen and audio effects, supporting the features the Gameplay Module implements.

    · Low Health: A set of screen effects will be displayed on screen when you're low on health, letting you know you have a foot on the grave. As a side effect, this lets you play without a HUD and still know how much life you have in you.
    · On Hit: Another set of quicker screen effects will play if your health or armor have been hit, you won't miss any damage done to you.

    · Vehicle crashes: Any hit hard enough will make your screen shake, giving impacts way more weight.
    · Vehicle scrapping: Scraping against the ground or other entities will make the camera vibrate to represent the scraping.
    · Burnouts: Burnouts will also make the camera vibrate.


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Album: - Updated regularly

    Keep in mind there's way more to come, this project will grow stronger over the coming months.

    Keep also in mind this is going to be a titanic effort for me, as I'm going to need to figure out ways to make everything work without conflicting with other scripts, and each other. So I ask you patience, and as much feedback as possible.

    Documenting all of this is going to be a bitch, so sorry if its not as clear as water. Contact me on Discord/Steam if you have any questions or can't figure out how the hell a feature works.

  • Yes mate, this looks nice, the result and what your going for is bueno lol. Good job. If I were to offer some ideas, you could alter some fighting animations to make moves...well better seeing how V's combat isn't really good, if you can of course.

  • I've found a bug, it seems you can pick up cars with the crouch and E system... that made some glitchy stuff happen

  • can you add a setting where you can false picking up a prop so that why i can only pick up people sometime cars get in the way when i try it and i wanna disable the prop pick ups

  • I approve this 100%

    Speaking of world interactions, being able to sit, lean and interact more with the environnement would be very nice for roleplay and immersion.


    Awesome ideas coming here, love most of them! I commented on mod's page but here as well: I was having some problems with the Grab ped/drop system - instead of doing so, the ped just move/jumps around.

    BTW, I suppose the things listed with the hammer icon (like store/retrieving weapons from trunk) are WIP, I am right? =)


    Eddlm has commented on the grab thing on Discord
    First items have to ragdolled for it to work properly
    So nudge a ped or an object before picking it up


    @ReNNie Hah ok, seems to be a common issue with peds, the Body Dragger script also needs to "touch" the ped you want to grab. I'll check it out later!

  • Any update on this mod?

  • Awesome! I hope this is still being worked on! :)

  • Awesome

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