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Proper weapon add-on installation tutorial

  • So I've found a few weapon mods I like, but I don't want to replace existing weapons. How do I add them as add-ons and get them actually working ingame?


    Use the MG-42 mod to see how an Add-on for weapons works and to work off of. For each new weapon you'll have to edit 6 or seven meta files and copy entire sections. Once you get the hang of it, it's almost as easy as an add-on vehicle.

    You'll find the game can't handle more than five added weapons all together. No matter what poolsizes in gameconfig.xml you increase. And no matter if you use multiple dlcpacks. It just shits on you.

    Oh, and later game versions don't even like a single weapon Add-on. So.... Meh

    We've been discussing this last, two months ago https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/14057/how-to-add-weapons-to-the-game-without-losing-the-components/2

    And here you'll find a melee templates for trying out yourself

    I still have to investigate if melee weapons can be added alongside assault weapons without that issue of maximum of five or six. Would be nice to have Lucille, a rusty crowbar etc on hand.

    Good luck. And report back. Would be nice if you break the limit.

  • Oh, thanks man. I'll take a look later on today. btw, regarding that mod limit thing from before, turns out I just made a typo in the dlclist file. God I'm dumb lol.


    @Glisp Been there, done that. We all have. And V is more harsh on you if you misbehave then Mistress Celeste in femdom mode. Cheers.

    Take a long hard look at that US meta files pack I linked in that other thread. Most models are still available on the mods page. The AK stuff less as Blackbradz took his mods off...

  • @ReNNie Hey dunno if it has to do with the add on vehicles I have, but the XM25 add on crashes my game at loading. I've tried a bunch of configs, but nothing's working

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