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Anyone sugguest me good gameconfig?

  • None is working for me lol Game memory error damn



    Use the gta memory heap tool in the tools section. Search for 'heap'.

    And use dilapidated's gameconfig.xml

  • @ReNNie

    I 've tried both, heap limit adjuster and dilapidated gameconfig
    this is what i'm getting

    alt text

    I have added only 14 add-on folders

  • @NaughtyBoy 14 add-on folders is TOO much! Put all your add-ons in ONE folder.


    bullocks me thinks, bcause when you exceed the dlcpack limit for your particular config (most likely a mix of added model information and dlcpacks that hit a limit) you'll get a ERR_FILLPACK_3, not this message (I think...)

    And why couldn't he run 14 dlcpacks in his game? I've seen users on recent versions that have in more.
    Also Unknown Modder has told me on Discord (after searching the files himself) that there is no such thing a fixed 48 dlcpack limit as dilapidated suggested...

  • @ReNNie We don't know his specs, so we have to assume they are not too great to play it on the safe side. There is simply no reason for anyone to not include their add-ons in a single DLC pack, even if they have great specs. Also, I have to wonder if he put the heap adjuster in the root folder versus the scripts folder as noobs often do.


    @eshenk also unsure if the OP is using dilapitated's config on the lastest updated version. Using it on an earlier version also wouldn't work...

    btw, I think I'm more stable (at least my game...) now that I've reverted back to vanilla values for the lines in <configpopulation> in gameconfig.xml. So no Cass increases for now, just increased citydensity and varietymultipliers (1.20000 - 1.40000) via settings.xml

  • @ReNNie If you look up you will see he stated he tried dilapidated's config. If he was not on the latest version, it would crash to desktop during boot up. Regarding traffic and ped densities, I also have done the same. I put back vanilla values with the exception of vehicle-spacing, then bumped up traffic and peds in popcycle, and ramped up city density in settings.xml to 2.4.


    2.4 ... O.o ... so you like your desktop wallpaper that much?

  • @ReNNie My system can handle it. BUT....you MUST make edits to popcycle in certain regions or there won't be enough room to spawn the vehicles, and the game will crash. Four-way intersections you can go crazy, but in areas where there is only two ways, the traffic will be so over-the-top. I have been at this for a long time, LOL.

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