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Major problems with installing custom vehicles

  • Hey there, I've been trying all week to get this sorted out but I can't for the life of me do it on my own. I'm not having troubles with the game crashing or anything, everything is working fine except for custom vehicles. I have other mods installed that work perfectly. I have re-installed everything multiple times. I have quadruple checked the install path of my vehicles and made sure I edited the .xml files correctly. However, when I try to spawn a custom vehicle (After checking the correct model name and typing it in correctly) I get a "Invalid model" message. I have already installed the latest gameconfig setting and the same thing still happens.

    So I tried to replace other cars in the game. When I spawn in a car I have replaced I get the frame of the car, but the wheels are missing, the windows are sinking into the ground, the license plate is floating off to the side, and for some reason the seats of the car are connected to the (invisible) wheels somehow and they spin around in circles in the air as I drive.

    Any help would be appreciated as I cannot figure this out on my own. :(


    Walk us through the steps you do and link the vehicles you use. You're probably just forgetting something.

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